Thank You,
Christopher Schmitt

Dear Friends, I have sad news. @teleject died suddenly in our home yesterday. Natural causes, not COVID, still waiting on an official cause of death. One thing I do know is how much he loved so many of you, and how happy he was to help others or to make them laugh. More later.

— Ari “Social Distancing Pioneer” Stiles (@ari4nne) April 10, 2020

Let’s collect everyone’s best memories of Christopher and share them.

We’d like to thank Christopher for everything he did. He did a lot of incredible things that helped a lot of people. This site is being built by friends of Christopher who also worked in the web industry with him. Christopher did a lot for the web community, so many of our memories are about that. That’s great! This site is inclusive for everyone that loved Christopher, so let’s write our memories such that anyone could understand and appreciate them, whether you’re someone who works on websites or not.

After we’ve collected everyone’s memories, we’ll build out a beautiful site from those memories all together to share with friends and family.

If you’re OK with publicly sharing the memory, please do below.

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